Playwright and composer – creator of the musical Group

Flashes Of Past Passions

My Favorite Copies

Reading a one act I wrote over a decade ago is like reading the work of a writer that no longer exists. It’s an odd yet excited process. There are flashes of deja vu where I remember a moment or phrase but then it’s right back to something I have no memory of.

It makes me want to write something today and then hide it until I turn 40.

I am so different now and have experienced so much more. Since I wrote the play I am now letting marinate in my head I have been married, had a son, had a corporate job, began workings as a photographer, lost said corporate job, became an uncle, lost friends and family and have had my first musical professionally produced in Los Angeles.

I am just not the same man (or writer) that I was.

That being said, I think who I am now is the ideal editor for who I was. I look forward to a spare moment to rework the show and tighten it up.

I look forward to sharing it with you.

Adam Emperor Southard – creator of the musical Group

February 3, 2011

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