Playwright and composer – creator of the musical Group

Plan Of The Moment

The Artwork From The First Run Of "Group"

Now that the first run of my musical “Group” has wrapped, I have the time and (fingers crossed) momentum to begin work on my next musical. Before getting there, and I will soon, I’m going to rework an old one act play. It’s a show titled, “The Unspoken Pull Of The Moon” I wrote way way way way back in 2001 with my wife. She was living in Michigan at the time and I was here in Los Angeles. We sent each other monologues and ideas on characters because she was working with a group of playwrights at her school and I was, quite frankly bored out of my mind! You live in LA poor and tell me how you do!

Anyway, I’ve been told that if I have a 15-35 minute long play, I should submit it to the Eclectic Company Theatre’s Huricane Season writing contest. I remember loving the work we did on the show and I’m excited to look at it a whole decade later.

Now I know it’s a terrible idea to let people know you are considering entering a contest because then everyone will know when you don’t win. BUT, I figure if I tell enough people I am going to enter it, I’ll have to follow through on it.

Nothing wrong with putting a little pressure on yourself to find time for what you truly love.

Here’s to following your passions and giving yourself a push once in a while.

Adam Emperor Southard

February 2, 2011

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