Playwright and composer – creator of the musical Group

Art Versus Machine

... My Computer

A couple days ago I wrote the most intense / high stakes scene of my entire life. I then went to hit save and guess what? Spinning wheel of death. It’s okay. It’ll come around… waiting… waiting… poof. Gone. Apparently, that writing never really happened.

Now, I’ve always been one to secretly make fun of the writers who handwrite everything first or who use a typewriter. Wake up people it’s two thousand and something. Use a computer. Now I found myself feeling like maybe they were onto something.

Technology punched me right in the face. I only lost about a 1/2 hour of work, but the way I write that is about five pages worth. You think I’m kidding but when I’m rolling…

Anyway, I went to bed and decided to take a fresh look in the morning. Now I know I should have just redid it right there and then, but I’m a father who needs his sleep so I gave in to midnight.

Thank goodness I was able to recapture the mood and spirit of what I had written the previous night. Even so, I promise to no longer snicker at the old school methods of writing. I promise to embrace whatever works for me in the moment. I promise to save everything constantly. I promise to no longer let my work go poof.

Adam Emperor Southard – creator of the critically acclaimed musical “Group” and current playwright of a little play that shall remained unnamed for another minute or two.

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