Playwright and composer – creator of the musical Group

Readings, Festivals and The Future

Page One Of My Mystery Drama

So, this is turning out to be a pretty important week.

Last night I began talks to have Group participate in the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Will it happen? I don’t know yet, but it sure seems like a wonderful way to promote a show and/or an ensemble. We shall see.

Tonight I am hosting the first ever reading of my full length drama titled, “The Belt.” It’s a missing persons mystery that jumps through time and space to allow the audience to piece together what happened.

Saturday I am having new promotional photos taken of me for this very website. I’ve been taking photos of other people for so long I may have forgotten how to be IN one. We shall see. Thank whatshisname for photoshop, am I right?

I’m also planning on attending the Center Theatre Group’s Sherwood Award meeting this weekend to see what that’s all about. Any organization that offers financial and artistic support to emerging artists is okay with me. Sounds like an amazing opportunity.

There is more.. much more… but really, no one wants to read everything I’m up to. And in truth, so many things are only ideas, notions and possibilities. Actual tangible happenings are so much more fun to write about.

Talk to you soon, world (ie: me, myself and I)

Adam Emperor Southard, creator of Group (musical), The Unspoken Pull Of The Moon (One Act), The Belt (Two Act Drama).

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