Playwright and composer – creator of the musical Group

Fringe, Spiders & The American Musical

Three performances only.

That’s all we have.

June 23, 24, 25 8pm.

Group had two weeks of previews in December of 2010 and three weeks in January 2011 at the Powerhouse Theatre in Santa Monica with the Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble.

The same actors, the same director, the same band (that’s me at the piano)…

I love the idea of just showing up that day and going for it. There will be no lighting, no sets, no props, just our show raw and fresh. I think this is what my friend Corwin meant when he first told me about Fringe during our first run. It’s theatre in its naked form. No artifice, no spectacle: just theatre.

I wrote my show specifically to work in this type of environment. I wanted a musical that could be done on a budget of nothing. So many of our most successful musicals these days are huge travesties of commercialism that hurt my soul. I’m sorry, but if your musical is a remake of a movie, you are doing it wrong. I hate saying that because many of those composers are more gifted and brilliant then I will ever be, yet… LOOK, I’m frustrated by the state of the American musical okay? Not bitter, frustrated. Disappointed maybe.

Last night I watched the Spider project: It’s a short musical based on the story of Spider Man created on zero budget to spite the U2 debacle that was made for the cost of a small nation. The Spidey Project: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility is pretty great. Look, it’s not going to win any awards but it has a small yet talented cast who find creative ways to tell a grand story on a small stage. It’s a riot and has some rather lovely moments. You can feel the energy and love in that theatre as you watch the clips and if THAT isn’t what theatre is about, I don’t know what is.

So, that’s what I expect Fringe to feel like this June. A bunch of theatre lovers ready to experience something new just for the love of the ride. It sounds like something I could do the rest of my life. Instead, I’ll have to settle for three performances only. That is, unless you count all the shows I plan on seeing.

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