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Where’s the Hoodie?

It occurs to me that I write plays and musicals that will likely result in a costumer placing a young actor in a hoodie. I prefer works that are stripped down and realistic. Which, of course, means that I take costumers and designers for granted way too often. Actors could show up in their own clothes for all I care.

This pathetic lack of caring or understanding for all things fashion related was blown to pieces this past week. I was asked to photograph an event for Frontiers Magazine at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. ILL Teatro alla Moda (Theatre in Fashion) is an amazing exhibit in Beverly Hills featuring some of the most incredible fashion pieces ever designed for Theatre and Opera. Works by Capucci, Versace, Missoni and Ferretti were stunning and amazingly intricate in person. Will I ever write a piece that requires this level of design? No, probably not. But I sure as hell appreciate those who take the time to truly create something original, unique and detailed. I’ve included a couple of photos below. To see more from this great event, you can visit this page: Frontiers Event

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